Breathing, bowing (2022)

Viola da gamba and suspended steel plate
Duration: 19'08"

In Breathing, bowing the tuning as well as fret positions of the viol are altered in order for the musician to be able to play intervals in seven-limit just intonation. As well as the viol, a transducer attached to a 100x60 cm suspended steel plate is used to play back the electronics part, consisting mostly of sine waves. The plate adds spectral information to the sine waves, and the pitches of the sine waves are carefully chosen to hit resonant frequencies of the plate.

Premiered at Nathan Milstein-salen, Kungl. Musikhögskolan 16/5—2022 at the concert Årets Instrument.

Louise Agnani - Viola da gamba
Mattias Hållsten - Electronics

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