Ensemblestycke (2022)

Shō, saxophone, hardingfela, contrabass

Premiered at my graduation concert, 8/6—2022 at KMH. The work focuses extensively on collaboratively exploring the harmonic space afforded by the shō, offsetting it with different intonations played by the saxophone, hardingfela and contrabass. The composition, like the performance, was done collaboratively, by continous listening, sound production and practice.

Mattias Hållsten - shō
Johan Arrias - soprano saxophone
Gard Nergaard - hardingfela
Vilhelm Bromander - contrabass

The ensemble. Musicians from the left: Gard Neergard, Johan Arrias, Vilhelm Bromander and Mattias Hållsten. Photo by Henrik Hållsten.