Studie för sinustoner och brus (2018)

Music for headphones

Through the vast control afforded by digital synthesis a composer can create otherwise impossible sound sources, with timbres that no acoustic sound source can either produce or control. This is one of the most interesting aspects of electronic sound—when presented with these “impossible” sound environments the listener’s expectations as well as their focus is shifted.

These affordances are pushed to the extreme when the music in question is presented as headphone music. External parameters, such as reverberation and speaker placement, can be neglected. In “Studie för sinustoner och brus” the intimicy created by from this greater degree of control is explored, which in turn affords a minimal musical form where the main focus is the synthesis and the experiences of sound it creates.

Premiered 18/6—2020 at Audiorama’s online concert Headphone Concert #1.