Picture of Mattias Hållsten in front of gallery Tegen2
Photo by Giovanni Onorato.


Andrea S Giordano, M Wingren, Mattias Hållsten and Giovanni Onorato
On Monday 10/10 - 2022 I will be performing new music, using the same steel plate used in the piece Breathing, bowing. I’ve dubbed this new work Plåtstudie no 2. More info about the concert can be found here. The steel plate that will be used for the concert.
I’m spending the week in my grandmother’s summer house in the Stockholm archipelago, on an island called Fiversätra. I brought the shō with me and begun composing a short solo piece. </img>
Home from Norbergfestival
I just got back from Norbergfestival. I had an incredible time this year! The team working with me at Krossverket, led by Josef as the main light tech and Viktor as the main sound tech, worked out really well. The program at Krossverket was a bit more sparse this year,...
Master thesis published
My master’s thesis titled Heating the reeds: just intonation and learning the shō has now been published. Following is the abstract to the thesis: This text outlines recent developments in my artistic practice. The two underlying themes of this work are my intonation practice, with and emphasis on just intonation,...